Primerless PE foam tape

Reducing Process time and complexity by skipping the primer

One-step mounting of low surface energy plastics for faster, safer attachment with primerless double sided tapes

29 May 2019

Double Sided Black PE Foam Tape

Introducing tesa® PRIMERLESS double-sided PE Foam Tape

For decades, the standard procedure for bonding small plastic parts with low and medium surface energy ( PP, ABS and EPDM) to either the clear coat, metal substrates or other plastic parts was to first apply a noxious primer, then apply the adhesive tape. With our new primerless double-sided PE-foam tape, you can skip the primer application entirely, which not only greatly increases application efficiency without sacrificing bond strength, improves the working environment by removing harmful materials and reduces the need to maintain extraction equipment.

The PE foam tape reaches ultimate bond strength right away, with no need for dwell time, improving your production turn around time as a result. It also works effectively in both hot and cold environments, making it the superior choice in plants where temperatures can be extreme.

Excellent Performance Within the First Minute to LSE Plastic

No matter whether it is a low temperature - down to 5°C or high temperature up to 40°C, within the first minute after application our primerless products reach a near-ultimate peel adhesion level on most substrates, whereas the typical solutions on the market need additional dwell time, especuially at low temperatures

1 For glass and soft rubber seals, primer is still recommended

The smarter adhesive for permanent mounting applications

  • Overall lower lifecycle costs
  • Highly comfortable and gap filling
  • Excellent converting properties
  • High initial performance on LSE and MSE surfaces without primer
  • Reaches ultimate peel adhesion level right after application
  • Superior peel adhesion at extreme temperatures from 5 to 40ºC
  • Enables healthier working condition and more environmentally friendly production
  • Ideal for sensor mounting, headlight washer mounting, and emblem mounting
  • Available in 3 thicknesses