Spruce up your bathroom using tesa bathroom hooks for your hanging planters

In 2019, we all want a beautifully decorated bathroom, with the favoured finishing touch du jour being a gorgeous hanging planter filled with stylish green foliage. It is, after all, the perfect way to inject a little botanical happiness into your living space for summer!

24 Sep 2019

Real plants in a bathroom can boost wellbeing and mood.

The most Pinterest-perfect of bathrooms are home to a pretty trail of ivy cascading down from a hanging planter – and tesa is here to make it easier than ever to introduce these into your own bathroom.

All you need to do is pick which tesa towel or bathrobe hook takes your fancy – we’d recommend picking one with an deeper indent like our Smooz bathroom hook, or decent-sized protrusion such as our Loxx bathroom wall hook. Then, once you’ve fitted it using the easy-to-use tesa® Power.Kit, give it 12 hours to dry before hanging anything on it.

Next comes the fun part – to find yourself a cute hanging planter! We particularly love jute planters, clay planters with hanging rope, and geometric planters. You might choose to install just one, or you might want to mount several hooks if you fancy having a collection of hanging planters as a feature

boston fern
The Boston Fern is a hard plant perfect for bathroom like conditions

Then it’s time to head off on a plant spree! Whether you want the safety of faux plants, or the beauty of real greenery is down to you. But if you do go with real, don’t forget to pick something that will thrive in a bathroom environment such as a Boston fern, a spider plant or beautiful hanging ivy. There are some great health and psychological benefits to having real plants in your home, too. For the more green-fingered among us, they can boost breathing, air quality and mood and wellbeing – wow!

Your bathroom accessories-turned-planter-hooks will stay put until you choose to move them elsewhere, thanks to our one-of-a-kind patented, waterproof adhesive technology. And they won’t leave a speck of damage or residue behind so you need not worry if you you’re your property or plan to move house soon.

The only rule is to find a suitable surface, but you have plenty of choice, including: tiles, wood, glass, metal, natural stone, marble, concrete and many types of plastic. The collection is designed to be in your bathroom, too, so you don’t need to worry about the humidity, or about your hooks staining. They’ll stay as lovely as the day you mounted them!

This is a super-quick and easy way to create a charming point of interest in your home and make it Instagram-ready in no time.

Check out the whole range of bathroom accessories, or watch a step-by-step guide for a helping hand when it comes to mounting your products, on our website.