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Fight Against Corona


Helping where the need is greatest: tesa donates 1 million Euros to ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and thus supports teams at Corona hotspots around the world. The money flows into the global Covid-19 crisis fund of the medical aid organisation.

Even rather small amounts can bring relief to Corona crisis areas: It costs only 966 Euros to buy a 45 square metre tent which can serve as a clinic or Corona isolation station. 10,400 Euros: That’s the price of 650 complete sets of protective clothing. And 10,800 Euros covers the cost of 168,000 people having clean water to wash their hands for a month – a simple yet effective protection against infection.  

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Fast, unbureaucratic, and efficient help

“As financially sound company, in these times that are so difficult for many, we’d like to make our contribution to help people suffering from Covid-19 and to enable preventive measures,” says Dr Norman Goldberg. “We are convinced by the long-standing humanitarian work of ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and by the concept of being able to act quickly, un-bureaucratically, and efficiently where the need is greatest during the Corona pandemic,” the tesa CEO explains the decision to donate 1 million Euros to this aid organisation. 

One of the main priorities for MSF is the safety of health workers, and that is why all the staff must follow strict protocols in terms of safety and security

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‘Doctors Without Borders’

The aid organisation "Médecins Sans Frontières” / "Doctors Without Borders" was founded in 1971. It steps in where the lives of many people are threatened in war zones, where health structures have collapsed or where population groups are insufficiently cared for. The diverse activities of the teams of doctors, nurses, midwives, and logistics providers include many tasks: They run clinics, set up nutrition centres for children, organise vaccination campaigns and provide refugees or displaced persons with medication, clean drinking water, toilets and blankets. The German section of ‘Doctors Without Borders’, which was founded in 1993, is financed up to 90% by private donations. This makes it possible to act free of political or economic interests. 



Dr. Norman Goldberg

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“As an economically sound company, in these times that are so difficult for many, we’d like to make our contribution to help the sick and to allow preventive care.”
Dr Norman Goldberg

CEO tesa SE

One of the largest donations in our history

“We were incredibly happy about the generous donation from tesa. It represents one of the largest individual donations that a company has ever made available to ‘Doctors Without Borders Germany’,” says Katja Carson. “The money will flow into the global Covid-19 Crisis Fund and makes a significant contribution to both adapting and continuing our existing projects and starting new ones. Three million protective masks are needed every month alone,” says the deputy CEO of ‘Doctors Without Borders Germany’.  

Katja Carson, Head of Finance and Administration, MSF Germany

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“This sum represents one of the largest individual donations that a company has ever made available to ‘Doctors Without Borders Germany’.”
Katja Carson

deputy CEO ‘Doctors Without Borders Germany’

Projects in more than 70 countries

At present, ‘Doctors Without Borders’ supports people in the fight against the Corona virus in more than 70 countries worldwide. In many regions, the number of infections is still growing exponentially. Clinics are overburdened and health systems are increasingly overwhelmed. The organisation takes measures to control infections, carries out screenings, sets up isolation areas, trains employees in clinics and care facilities, and educates the population. Furthermore, state bodies and public institutions are advised and counselled and their capacities strengthened.

5 Million


are donated in the large-scale tesa aid programme in relation to the Corona crisis. In addition to urgent aid measures, funds will also be made available for local projects that will help to alleviate the effects of this pandemic in the long term. In the past weeks, tesa SE had already supplied 3,000 rolls of adhesive warning tape with a total length of 100 kilometres to more than 30 large hospitals in Germany and supported various food banks. As a Beiersdorf affiliate, with these measures tesa is participating in the large “Care Beyond Skin” aid programme of the parent company, the total volume of which is 50 million Euros.