tesa® Professional 4600 Xtreme Conditions

The self-welding repair tape is a true jack of all trades and offers professional craftsmen valuable support in the most varied of areas.

  • Insulating and protecting wiring and connections
  • Sealing applications in engine compartment
  • Various bundling, securing, wrapping applications in the marine industry
  • Wrap hydraulic fittings and other exposed metal connections to help prevent corrosion
  • Masking applications in powder coating, liquid coating, e-coating, anodizing and plating
  • Automotive applications for wire harness, general repairs
  • Marine applications for boat rigging or securing ends of rope

Product description

tesa® 4600 is a self-welding silicon tape that is glued onto its own base. The flexible material fits tightly to various surfaces, thus providing an instant hermetic seal. The self-welding repair tape can be used both indoors and outdoors and also achieves reliable results on oily, dirty or wet surfaces. Even the application under water is possible. The silicon base ensures that the robust tape provides a high resistance to various chemicals, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, UV exposure and high temperatures (from -65° C to +260° C). The silicon tape can also be used for temporary bonds and can be removed at any time without problems. tesa® 4600 is a true jack of all trades and is used by professional craftsmen for many kinds of tasks, e.g. insulating cables or for short-term repairs of water pipes.

Product Construction

Elongation at break 750 %
Backing material stretchable specialty
Tensile strength 33 N/cm
Total thickness 500 µm

Properties / Performance Values

Dielectric breakdown voltage 8000 V
Temperature resistance min. -60 °C
Easy to remove Yes
tesa® products prove their impressive quality day in, day out in demanding conditions and are regularly subjected to strict controls. All technical information and data above mentioned are provided to the best of our knowledge on the basis of our practical experience. They shall be considered as average values and are not appropriate for a specification. Therefore tesa SE can make no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The user is responsible for determining whether the tesa® product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application. If you are in any doubt, our technical staff will be glad to support you.

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