Professional Marking and Warning Tapes for Craftsmen

Marking and Warning Tapes

Whether for danger zones, pedestrian pathways, or parking areas – proper marking is key. Particularly in industrial and trade businesses, but also at airports, shopping centers, and sporting venues, clearly visible labels are critical to safety, security, and smooth operation. These markings have to be robust, easy to apply, and easy to remove – just like tesa’s marking and warning tapes, for permanent or temporary labeling.

Professional Marking and Warning Tape Products

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Our floor marking tapes and hazard warning tapes cover two main functions: Firstly, defining or marking a temporary hazard; secondly, floor, lane, or area demarcation (for example, in a factory) where a robust tape is required that withstands cleaning fluids, regular abrasion from forklifts, as well as general footfall. tesa floor marking tapes and hazard warning tapes stick to a wide variety of surfaces, and are ready to be deployed wherever you need them.