Professional Electrical Insulation Tapes for Craftsmen

Electrical Insulation Tapes

Electrical installation and repair work calls for the right adhesive tape. Our PVC insulating tapes are ideal for cable insulation and marking. They also meet international safety standards such as the IEC and IMQ. Insulation tapes from tesa are available in various colors and some of them are resistant to ageing, weather, abrasion, and fire.

Professional Electrical Insulation Tape Products

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Perfect for sealing low- to high-voltage electrical cables and connections as well as for color marking. tesaflex® electrical insulation tapes offer excellent film flexibility and adhesion, while also adhering to international certification standards. For hassle-free installation, the specially designed, highly flexible tapes conform easily to irregular shapes and surfaces. Ideally suited for industrial repairs, automotive, and construction purposes, as well as many other general applications.