Extra-strong mounting tape for affixing heavy objects like mirrors
Mounting Tapes

Mounting Tapes

There are as many applications for double-sided adhesive tapes as there are requirements made of them. Whether to affix decorative trim and mirrors to smooth surfaces, mount cabling conduits on walls, or affix insulation plates – we have the right mounting and affixing system for every need.

Professional Mounting Tape Products

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Our mounting tapes are made from a strong double-sided foam or film tape and are designed to mount and hang objects such as mirrors or trims. For application, simply peel off one side of the tape backing to expose the adhesive mass. Apply the tape to the desired surface and then remove the other side of the paper backing. The object can now be mounted to its desired place. Quick, clean, and easy – with the tesa mounting tape range, nails, screws, and brackets are a thing of the past.