tesa® PRO Mounting Tapes

Professional Adhesive Tapes for Reliable, Quick and Clean Mounting Without Drilling

Benefit from tesa's expertise in double sided tapes used for challenging industries, such as automotive, aircraft and construction. Experience the new tesa® PRO Craftsmen assortment for complex mounting and bonding applications.

Industrial quality for professional applications

tesa's Professional Mounting Tape Range

Reliable mounting and bonding tapes for every application

  • No Drilling necessary - Mounting tapes for every surface where no holes are allowed
  • Easy and quick usage - our efficient mounting tapes are perfect to save time
  • Indoor or outdoor - various qualities are available to meet your individual demand

Mounting objects has never been faster - no need for drilling or nails. No dust, no noise, no hassle!

tesa® PRO Mounting Tapes are your shortcut to satisfy your customers

The tesa® PRO Mounting Range is the perfect addition to every craftsman's toolbox. They have incredible bonding power, no drilling or equipment necessary - mounting has never been easier!

The full range includes nine different qualities to suit your individual application and surface:

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Choose the right tesa® PRO Mounting Tape for your individual purpose
tesa Fix Cat Mounting Tape 1,5m x 19mm Tiles
The full tesa® PRO Mounting Assortment

Ultra Strong: To hang heavy objects up to 100kg

tesa® ACXplus MP: Multipurpose Tape with industrial quality

Mirror: For humid areas and mirrors

Transparent: See-through tape

Outdoor: Weather-resistant tape

Wallpaper: For structured surfaces and wallpapers

Slim: To attach slim and narrow objects

Universal: Allround Mounting Tape

PE-Fixation: Extra-long PE foam mounting tape

Our tesa® ACXplus MP Mounting Tape

ACXplus-MP-tesa-30 sec