tesamoll® Thermo Cover

tesamoll® Thermo Cover is a transparent non-adhesive insulation for single-pane windows. It provides a cushoning effect that can replace the 2nd window pane.

  • Designed for single pane windows
  • Reduces condensation effectively
  • Forms a cushion for added insulation

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Main features

  • Designed for single pane windows
  • Reduces condensation effectively
  • Forms a cushion for added insulation
  • Easy mounting with double-sided tape

Product description

Many older houses still feature single pane windows that are not up to modern insulation standards. The tesamoll® Thermo Cover is a unique non-adhesive window insulation film. It works as an insulating air cushion film that is able to replace the missing 2nd window pane. At the same time, this insulating window film effectively reduces annoying window condensation. Using the included double-sided tape, mounting is quick and easy. Smooth application is accomplished with the help of a conventional hair dryer.

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Many older houses still feature single pane windows that are not up to modern insulation standards. Especially during winter time, such windows feel cold and considerably lower the room temperature. This requires extra heating and drives up your energy bill. The tesamoll® Thermo Cover is a quick and easy solution to this problem.

Insulation like a 2nd window pane

The tesamoll® Thermo Cover is a transparent insulation film especially designed to reduce the uncomfortable cold air radiated by older single pane windows. It forms an insulating cushion of air which offers an insulation effect similar to that of an additional pane of glass.

Adhesive window insulation

Thanks to the double-sided mounting tape included in the package, attaching the tesamoll® Thermo Cover is a simple procedure requiring only a few minutes. First use the mounting tape on the rim of the window, then take the foil and fix it on the tape into position. Warm up the air cushion film with a hair dryer to smooth it out and stretch it taut to obtain an even surface without wrinkles. It is really a small effort to enjoy a totally new level of comfort.

Reducing window pane humidity

The air cushion created by the tesamoll® Thermo Cover not only offers an insulating effect. It also drastically reduces the temperature difference between the cold window pane and the warm inside air. This effectively eliminates the condensation effect typical of single pane windows. There is no need to frequently wipe off excessive condense water on the window pane anymore, a typical problem associated with single-pane windows.