How to apply the tesa® Insect Stop Hook Tape

Our fly screens for windows and doors allow you to protect your windows so that insects can't get in. All fly screen solutions for windows and doors can be mounted in a snap and require no drilling.

Step-by-step Tutorial Video:

Video Tutorial - Fibre Glass Mech

Take a look at our step-by-step video and convince yourself of how simple it is to use our mounting tape and to implement your projects. The tesa® Insect Stop Hook Tape allows the insect protection to be mounted very easily without the need for drilling, removed without leaving residue, reused and can even be combined with blinds, roller shutters and patio doors and individually cut to size...  


Clean the window frame and use a dust-free cloth with a little alcohol or denatured alcohol to remove dirt and grease. If you would prefer to use a cleaning agent, you should choose one which is silicone-free. Silicone has non-stick properties and therefore prevents adhesion. Before continuing with the next step, the surface should be dry.


Remove the protective film from the back of the fastening strip and apply the fastening strip with its adhesive side to the four sides of the window frame. Cut the fastening strip using scissors if necessary. 


In the next step, the fly screen is applied to the fastening strip. 


Now use the pressing aid and strengthen the adhesion of the fly screen. 


The fly screen can be cut to size.


Enjoy the day wihtout insects inside your house.