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Save Time – Save Money

Find out how using the right tesa masking products can streamline your workflow and deliver a flawless result every time.

A tradesman who can deliver high-quality work on time will always stay ahead of the competition. Painters and decorators need to produce perfect results quickly and without the risk of having to redo work, which costs time – and money.

Using inferior masking tapes on what can be high-value jobs is a false economy. Besides flawless paint edges, it’s the reliability and performance of tesa products that provide a valuable benefit. They make fast, efficient work possible – without the risk of having to redo work. This benefits the craftsman on every single job, every single day. After all – quality pays for itself many times over through reliability.

The Worst Case Scenarios – and How to Avoid Them

Using the wrong masking product for your job and surface can have expensive repercussions for your business. You cover and mask off areas in order to protect surfaces and achieve accurate results. Unfortunately this isn’t always a success.

The Most Common Problems Associated with Interior Masking Products Are:

  • Paint peeling
  • Adhesive residues left on the surface
  • Signs of removal
  • Color changes on the surface
  • Paint bleeding

These Problems Are Usually Down to One of These Reasons:

  • Lack of information about the masking products and their effectiveness when used on the surface in question.
  • Increasing cost pressures in the property market lead to the use of unsuitable products.
  • Poor application or removal of the masking products.
  • Products that have been stored incorrectly or for too long.

The bottom line? Selecting the correct products and using them properly will result in more efficient work and better results. Problems like damage, compensation claims, and extra work are much less likely. Time and money are not wasted.

Choosing the Right Tape for the Right Surface Is the Key to a Flawless Finish on Any Professional Job

With new paint effects, systems, and finishes being introduced all the time, the business of masking when painting and decorating is not getting any simpler. At tesa we’ve developed a dedicated tool to make the business of effective masking on a multitude of surfaces simple: Surface Check makes it easy to ensure you choose the perfect masking product for your job – every time. Find what you need for each job, fast.

Masking large areas can be a time-consuming business. You can streamline this part of the job by using products that are tailor-made for your situation.

A frustrating and often lengthy process, protecting larger areas like windows, floors, or exterior walls can be done simple and fast with Easy Cover®. This range has been developed specially for bigger areas, both inside and out. These products take the “fight” out of masking by providing solutions that mean the task can be done by just one person in a few simple steps.

The seven products in the Easy Cover® range are all winning combinations of films or papers with corresponding tapes. Each is designed to give great results on different surfaces.

Indoor Masking Tape Products