Thermal paper cash register receipt

How Do You Splice Your Thermal Paper?

Rely on our tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF to efficiently splice heat-sensitive paper used for thermochromic printing of receipts, labels, or tickets

Feb 5, 2020

Thermal Paper Market

Thermal paper is an especially fine paper coated with a material formulation that changes color when it is exposed to heat, which allows for inkless printing.
It is e.g. used in thermal printers for point of sale (POS) receipts at cash registers and credit card terminals, to print parcel labels in logistic centers or price/weight labels in supermarkets, for adding machines, for parking and transportation tickets, or for technical printouts and RFID tags in medical and healthcare markets.

The global thermal paper market is showing continuous growth due to the rising needs of above-mentioned applications. Its size was valued at USD 3.20 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 7.7% over the next years

This increasing demand for an especially delicate paper asks for a delicate flying splice tape to ensure reliable splice processes during the manufacturing process of the base paper and the various coating steps (precoat, thermal coat layer including leuco dyes, developers, sensitizers, as well as optional protective coating layers).
Several tape features are key: 

  1. Particularly thin tape to avoid coating material collecting behind the splice
  2. Easy and fast opening of the tape
  3. Secure bond of the tape on delicate paper

tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF

These features are met by our latest splicing invention for the paper market: tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF. The product results from the continuous improvement of our straight-line splicing tapes for offline paper coating, based on our over 40 years of application experience and know-how in the paper industry. 
tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF is applied in a straight line or at a slight angle on the uncoated paper jumbo coming from the paper machine. It ensures a reliable web contact and opens fiber-free during the splice process. To be applicable for paper production, full repulpability is a given and application on all types of coaters, from low to high production speeds, is possible.

tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF
tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF

These three key features make tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF especially successful for the use on delicate papers:

Low Product Thickness

Thickness Reduction tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF

01Low Product Thickness

The product is 20% thinner than market standard products. This improves the coating quality because the thinner splice passes the coating blades more easily, and therefore reduces coating defects.

Opening Force Reduction tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF

02Easy and Fast Splice Opening

During the splice process, the splitting strips of the tape ensure especially easy and fiberless opening, yet during transport and acceleration on the unwinder, the paper jumbo remains safely closed.

Features tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF

03Secure Bond on Delicate Paper

The contact adhesive of the tape delivers a reliable and secure bond also on delicate papers using our special repulpable adhesive for flying splices.

Are you interested in testing tesa® EasySplice 51250 FastLine TF for your splicing process?
Please get in touch with your local tesa sales representative or use the contact form below! 

Splicing visual paper production
Splicing visual paper production