Designed for the most demanding applications

No matter where in the production process our High Performance Sealers are applied, they offer a range of specialized sealing solutions that last as long as the vehicle does.

Jul 30, 2018

Specialized high performance sealers for today's vehicles

The automotive production process requires a variety of holes in the body related to manufacturing and assembly including drain holes and frame holes to make the vehicle lighter, as well as access holes. If these holes are not closed, they can cause serious problems – letting in water, dust, noise, and heat from the motor and exhaust system.

These holes come in many shapes and sizes, and the average vehicle rolling off the body shop today has several hundred different penetrations that require a wide range of auto hole covering solutions. No matter where in the production process the product is applied, our High Performance Sealer assortment provides customized body hole covering solutions, based on the technical requirements of different application locations. Here is a quick overview of four of our newest, most advanced hole covering tapes.

High Heat Performance Sealer for engine bays

Today’s engine compartments have less room to dissipate heat. tesa® 54332 is especially designed for permanent covering of holes that are directly exposed to heat radiation. Thanks to an extremely heat resistant aluminum laminated glass cloth layer with an extra thick acrylic sealer, this heat shield tape can withstand high temperatures up to 200°C / 392°F for 30 minutes without shrinking and seals holes securely against water leakage and corrosion. In addition, it provides good noise damping properties to improve your customer’s drive comfort.

tesa® 54332 Heat Performance Sealer

Acoustic Performance Sealer to keep sound away from a car’s occupants

Low and mid frequency noise levels can dramatically contribute to driver fatigue, while higher frequency noise levels can also inhibit the ability to hear conversations in the vehicle. Designed to significantly reduce the noise level within the passenger compartment caused by open holes in the car body, tesa® 54344 is a thick mineral filled acrylic sealer that provides the noise damping performance of a closed car body. It also has good puncture resistance and is absolutely water tight.

tesa® 54344 Acoustic Performance Sealer

Exterior Performance Sealer for harsh underbody conditions

tesa® 54335 is specially designed for permanent covering of exterior holes that are directly exposed to the environment. It can withstand harshest stone chippings and seals holes securely against water leakage and corrosion. Because it combines a strong etched PET layer with an extra thick acrylic sealer, this unique hole covering tape provides secure adhesion on e-coated and painted substrates and excellent paint and UBC (PVC) compatibility – even under the harshest outdoor conditions.

tesa® 54335 Exterior Performance Sealer

Interior Performance Sealer for a better interior air quality

tesa® 54336 is a low VOC and low Odor Interior Performance Sealer optimized for the automotive industry to cover interior holes that require excellent sealing against water, air and noises. Furthermore, the sealer has an extra soft and conformable acrylic adhesive and is especially designed for hole covering applications at the assembly line – or even at the paint shop area.

tesa® 54336 Interior Performance Sealer

The perfect sealing solutions for today’s vehicles

No matter where in the production process these High Performance Sealers are applied, our assortment offers a range of specialized sealing solutions that last as long as the vehicle does. In addition, our die-cuts are quick and easy to apply and the specially chosen acrylic sealers make it easy to achieve an excellent seal. And compared to typical rubber and plastic plugs, all tesa® High Performance Sealers can be also automatically processed. See our full assortment of performance hole covering tapes.