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tesa Easy Cut® Hand Dispenser

The tesa® Easy Cut hand dispenser matches any type up to 19 mm tesafilm®. It is made for easy refilling and features a serrated metal blade for precise cutting.

  • Serrated blade for clean cutting
  • Innovative shape allows for easy grip of tesafilm®
  • Effortless refilling

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Main features

  • Serrated blade for clean cutting
  • Innovative shape allows for easy grip of tesafilm®
  • Effortless refilling

Product description

The tesa® Easy Cut hand dispenser features innovative design for intuitive handling and perfect functionality. It is the perfect match for any up to 19 mm wide tesafilm® self-adhesive tape available in rolls with up to 10 m. Virtually designed into your hand, the dispenser stands out for its easy grip and effortless handling. A serrated blade precisely cuts the adhesive tape to the desired length. Refilling a roll of self-adhesive tape is fast and easy. Use this adhesive tape hand dispenser in the office, for wrapping gifts or sealing a parcel. It comes empty and matches any grade of tesafilm®
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The tesa® Easy Cut hand dispenser was designed to perfectly fit into your hand and stands out for its easy and intuitive handling. It is available in a choice of colors and is the perfect companion for any grade of tesafilm®. Make the best out of tesafilm® self-adhesive tape and use this dispenser as a universal office supply, for any household application or even while travelling.

Always handy and always ready

There always a reason to apply a strip of tesafilm®. Maybe you quickly need to seal an envelope for save shipping or want to wrap a parcel or a nice present. With the tesa® Easy Cut hand dispenser you can do so in a fast, intuitive and easy way.

Designed into your hand

Design follows function was the basic idea behind the tesa® Easy Cut hand dispenser. It was designed for easy refilling, perfectly fits into your hand and offers a flat bottom for easy placement on your table. If you insert your middle finger into the center hole of the dispenser, you have both hands free for whatever you are doing. Simply unwind a strip of tape and place it over the integrated serrated metal blade to precisely cut it to the desired length. Doing so will automatically re-position the tape so you can quickly grab the next strip.

Available in trendy colors

The tesa® Easy Cut hand dispenser is part of your everyday life. To match your personal taste and lifestyle it is available in classic blue and red, in elegant black and in a trendy transparent version. Take your pick and enjoy the effortless way of handling and applying tesafilm®.

Made for any type of tesafilm®

tesafilm® self-adhesive tape is available in different grades from standard via crystal clear to invisible or extra strong. The tesa® Easy Cut hand dispenser matches all self-adhesive films with a width up to 19 mm, a core of 1 inch and a length of up to 10 m.