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tesa Easy Cut® Economy Desk Dispenser

The tesa® Easy Cut desk dispenser Economy is an economy-class dispenser for self-adhesive tapes featuring a non-slip base and a serrated metal blade.

  • Serrated blade for clean cutting
  • Non-slip base

Order no:
Dimensions: empty, for rolls up to 66m x 25mm

Main features

  • Serrated blade for clean cutting
  • Non-slip base

Product description

The tesa® Easy Cut desk dispenser Economy is the classic adhesive tape dispenser for home and office use. It can hold any roll of self-adhesive tape provided on a 3 inch core and matches any grade of tesafilm® with a width of 25 mm and a length of 66 m. A practical snap-in mechanism makes exchanging the tape a fast an easy affair. A serrated blade takes care of precise and straight cuts to support neat application of the tape on documents, gifts, flowers or parcels.
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The tesa® Easy Cut desk dispenser Economy is a self-adhesive tape dispenser especially designed for large rolls of tesafilm®. It is the perfect match for any application in the home and the office, and a great help for sticking papers, wrapping gifts or sealing parcels. Have it handy wherever you need a desk dispenser to quickly grab a strip of self-adhesive tape.

Made for home and office use

Although the tesa® Easy Cut desk dispenser Economy represents the economy class among the tesa® range of desk dispensers, it offers a solid and modern design that looks good on any office desk. Being a highly cost-effective desk dispenser it is also a perfect choice for the home office or any other household application. Use it for crafting, for quickly sealing an envelope, wrapping a gift or any other occasion where a strip of tesafilm® comes in handy.

Solid design for easy operation

The tesa® Easy Cut desk dispenser Economy comes in a standard black design that fits almost any modern office environment. It features an anti-slip base to guarantee a firm stand on any desk surface. A built in serrated metal blade allows streight and easy cutting. The desk dispenser is made for intuitive handling and features a practical snap-in mechanism to easily exchange an empty roll of tape.

Made for large rolls of tesafilm®

Use the tesa® Easy Cut desk dispenser Economy for any grade of tesafilm® available on rolls with a 3 inch core. It is designed for self-adhesive tapes with a width of 25 mm and a length of 66 mm. There is no film included in the package.