tesa Easy Cut® Desk Dispenser ecoLogo®

The tesa ® Easy Cut Desk dispenser ecologo® is an adhesive tape dispenser for home and office. It is made of 100% recycled plastic with a built-in metal blade.

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic (housing)
  • Serrated blade for clean cutting
  • Non slip base

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Dimensions: eco & clear 10m x 15mm + ecoLogo Desk dispenser, black

Main features

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic (housing)
  • Serrated blade for clean cutting
  • Non slip base
  • For office & household applications
  • For rolls up to 33m:19mm
  • Timeless, unobtrusive design

Product description

The tesa ® Easy Cut Desk Dispenser ecoLogo® is a must for any office and a practical helper for any household. It is made from 100% recycled plastic and offers a rock-solid construction, featuring a non-slip base and a serrated long-life metal blade for precise cutting. Use it in combination with any roll of tesafilm ® with a length of up to 33 m and a width of up to 19 mm.
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The tesa ® Easy Cut Desk Dispenser ecoLogo® is not only a must for any office. It is also a practical helper for any household. It offers unobtrusive and timeless design in an environment-friendly and highly practical package.

Functionality meets sustainability

Being part of the ecoLogo® range of products from tesa ®, the tesa ® Easy Cut Desk Dispenser ecoLogo® is a sustainable product combining self-explanatory functionality with proven design. It is an environment-friendly self-adhesive tape dispenser featuring a housing made from 100% recycled plastics.

Sustainable gift wrapping and more

Whether you need to seal an envelope, wrap a gift, attach two documents or repair a torn sheet of paper, the tesa ® Easy Cut Desk Dispenser ecoLogo® will help you to get things done efficiently. It matches any 19 mm wide type of tesafilm ® with a length of 33 m.

Timeless design with non-slip base

The tesa ® Easy Cut Desk Dispenser ecoLogo® stands out for its timeless and rock-solid design. A anti-slip base keeps it firmly on the table, while an integrated serrated metal blade takes care of perfect cutting of the self-adhesive tape.

Easy and ergonomic handling

Using the tesa ® Easy Cut Desk Dispenser ecoLogo® is actually self-explanatory. Simply position your index finger under the stretched tape, lift it off and undwind it to the length needed. Then position the tape over the serrated metal blade to cut it at precisely the right position. The cutting process will automatically re-position the tape for the next time you need a strip of tesafilm ®.