Create your own themed wall collage

Feather-Themed Wall Collage

A group of pieces of art in frames of various sizes is a great idea for a transitional space like a staircase. Choose a common theme to create this display. It’s quick to do and you won’t need any tools.

Level of difficulty For ambitious hands
Duration 60

Video tutorial

Themed Wall Collage.mp4

tesa SE

We need:

frames of varying sizes. Art works with a feather motif – or whatever you choose. is a great resource for printables. pencil scissors brown packing paper masking tape adhesive nails - depending on the surface and weight of the frames

How it's done:

Making a themed art collage wall.

Use your pencil to trace the size and shape of each of the pictures onto the brown packing paper. Making these ‘dummy’ versions of your art is a simple way to work out the hanging positions before committing to them.

Marking the hanging points for a themed art collage wall.

Draw on the hanging point of each piece of art.

Using masking tape for wallpaper & plaster to decide on positions for a collage wall.

Now use your scissors to cut out the ‘dummy’ frames. Use these and some masking tape to decide on the perfect position for each picture on the wall. When you’re happy, mark each position with a pencil mark on the wall. This is where the adjustable adhesive nails will go.

Using tesa® adjustable adhesive nails for wallpaper & plaster to wall-mount a themed art collage wall.

Now you have the perfect arrangement, you can go ahead and apply the adjustable adhesive nails to the wall –then hang each picture one by one!

Enjoy your new beautiful feather-themed gallery wall!

A group of framed pictures on a single theme is an elegant way to decorate a hallway or flight of stairs.

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