DIY Advent Calendar Decoration Idea

DIY Advent Calendar: Bag by Bag

A new surprise every day! Every package awakens the Christmas spirit and builds anticipation.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 20

We Need:

White paper for printing out the template Wrapping paper: one DIN A4 sheet per bag Gift ribbon: approx. 20 cm per bag Number stickers, 1 to 24 String Pencil Ruler tesa® double-sided tape (10 m x 15 mm) tesa® Powerbutton Deluxe hooks

How It Is Done:

Apply the template.

Print out the template. Transfer the dimensions and fold marks on the wrapping paper.

Cut the paper.

Cut the wrapping paper.

Fold the paper.

Fold the wrapping paper at the fold marks.

Apply the double-sided tape.

Put the tesa® double-sided tape to the long side of the cut wrapping paper and remove the anti-adhesive strips. Important: Only attach the tape to the middle third.

Fold paper and apply double-sided tape.

Fold the narrow third towards the middle and tape it down. Attach the tesa® double-sided tape flush with the edge of the paper.

Remove the strip.

06Step 6

Remove the anti-adhesive strip.

Fold the paper.

07Step 7

Fold the wider third towards the middle and tape it down.

Attach the hooks.

08Step 8

Attach two tesa® Powerbutton Deluxe hooks according to the manufacturer's instructions. Tip: By attaching the sticky side at a 90° angle to the base, a curtain rod can be hung on the hooks. The hooks can be hidden behind two Christmas figurines.

Now you can fill the bags with candy, tape on a number and close it with a gift ribbon. Thread the bags and Christmas decorations onto the rod with string.