Bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom Storage Shelves

Give your beauty products a neat new place to live! These slim shelves are the perfect way to store all of your bottles and tubes – right where you can see them. And the best news of all? You don’t need any tools to get them made and wall mounted. What a great bathroom storage idea!

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 20


small wooden spice racks (IKEA sell inexpensive ones) white acrylic paint blue acrylic paint paintbrush a container for paint mixing scissors deco tape masking tape tesa® adhesive nail for tiles & metal 3 kg


Overview of materials needed for bathroom storage shelves

We need: small wooden spice racks (IKEA sell inexpensive ones), white acrylic paint, blue acrylic paint, paintbrush, a container for paint mixing, scissors, deco tape, masking tapetesa® adhesive nail for tiles & metal 3 kg

Undercoating the spice racks while creating bathroom storage.

Use the white paint to undercoat the spice racks. Use the Masking Tape to mask off the areas you don’t want to paint – or alternatively you can choose to paint all the surfaces. When mounted upside down, the racks can be used as small towel rails.

Painting the inside of the spice racks when making shelves – a great bathroom storage idea.

The insides of the racks should now get an extra coat of paint. If you’re using a few racks, paint each one a slightly different shade of blue – mix your blues using the white paint.

Trimming the shelves when making bathroom storage shelves

When the paint is dry, use tesa® Deco Tape to trim the outward facing edges of the shelves.

Using tesa® Adhesive Nail for Tiles & Metal 3 kg to wall-mount bathroom shelves – a great bathroom storage idea.

Fix the Adhesive Nails to the tiles following the instructions in the pack, then hang your new bathroom shelves! Enjoy your additional bathroom storage!

Enjoy your easily mounted bathroom storage shelves!

Enjoy your new bathroom storage shelves!

tesa products required for this project