tesa HAF®:
The Reliable


We all have our own favorite stories of personal heroes.
We at tesa also have heroes whom we love and celebrate – our tesa tape heroes:
ten select products with unique capabilities.

One of these is tesa HAF®, a double-sided adhesive film with a very high, concentrated adhesive power. On the smallest areas, it can hold together components of smartphones and similar devices so reliably that you might think the entire device is one entire piece and made to last forever.


When it comes to describing the most outstanding property of tesa HAF®, one superlative alone is not enough. This product offers not only the greatest adhesive strength but also this very same trait on the smallest bonding areas. To put it more precisely, its bond strength is ten to fifteen times higher than that found in comparable solutions involving conventional double-sided adhesive tape. This makes tesa HAF® the strongest double-sided adhesive film by far in the entire assortment of tesa products.

Small, smaller, tesa HAF®

Endurance, bond strength, resistance to chemicals, heat and the environment – the requirements for structural bonds are more demanding than ever before. In addition, there is a strong trend towards "less is more," especially in the consumer goods sector. Devices are becoming increasingly smaller and consequently so are their bonding surfaces. This is where standard adhesive tapes reach their limits. However, tesa HAF®'s area of expertise begins precisely where nothing else works. Alongside enormous adhesive strength, it also trends toward "less is more" because it has no initial bond strength (also known as tack). Instead, it is activated by heat: At temperatures above 120°C, the bond is irreversible.

The film is ideal for forming customized die-cuts – even the very smallest. For example, in many smartphones, tesa HAF® sits under the camera lens on the back of the mobile device as a component that is only 0.4 mm wide. Anyone who gets into a car can also rely on this mini-sized adhesive with gigantic strength because its immense endurance and heat resistance make it suitable for use on friction linings in gearboxes or rotor magnets in electric motors, among others.

More than a "nice to HAF”

The adhesive bond for chip modules on plastic cards must also hold durably and reliably, and it must withstand a great deal of stress in our wallets, especially frequent bending. For this application, tesa HAF® is available in a special electrically conductive version. Most of us probably don't even know how often we walk or drive through the day accompanied by tesa HAF®. One thing is clear: It is a true “must HAF.”

Heat-activated tesa HAF® is the strongest double-sided adhesive film in our entire range. When nothing else works, tesa HAF® comes into play.
Morian Tinschmann

International Product Manager, Structural Bonding

A bond strength 10 to 15 times higher

than usual is what the heat-activated special adhesive film tesa HAF® provides.

On the smallest surfaces, down to 0.4 mm

tesa HAF® has an extremely high bond strength

Fact sheet: The Reliable

As if by magic, the adhesive strength of tesa HAF® wakes up under heat and exceeds all usual expectations regarding the bond strength of a double-sided adhesive tape.

  • Extremely high bond strength of up to 30 N/mm2
  • High endurance (heat, chemicals, etc.)
  • Excellent die-cutability
  • No backing
  • Heat-activated film
  • Curing irreversible above 120°C