tesa® 4336: 
The Straightforward

We all have our own favorite stories of personal heroes.
We at tesa also have heroes whom we love and celebrate – our tesa tape heroes:
ten select products with unique capabilities.

With tesa® 4336, amateur painters become true paint pros. Perfect+ masking tape is perfect for those who want to embark on a real "do-it-yourself" hero's journey at home, and always stay in a straight line.


Batman & Robin, Superman & Krypto, Captain America & Jack Flag – every superhero needs a strong partner at their side to master tricky tasks and adventures. But sometimes, the helpers with their special traits become the real heroes of the story. Just like the tesa® Perfect+ masking tape. Anyone embarking on a "do-it-yourself" adventure with paint and brushes within their own four walls, should always have this star from tesa's range of masking tapes close at hand. tesa® Perfect+ is a washi tape manufactured at the tesa plant in Offenburg, Germany, where it gets its superpowers. Washi tapes are originally from Japan and known for their particular perfection and accuracy for paint jobs.

A super tape, turning amateur painters into pros

Straight lines, ultra-sharp paint edges, secure adhesion to different surfaces, no paint bleeds and very tear resistant – tesa® Perfect+ makes the painting job as easy as paint-by-numbers and delivers perfect results. Whether it's simple renovation work, creative wall decorations or painting on different surfaces, this hero from tesa’s range of masking tapes always achieves a perfect result. "Perfect+ is a genuine multi-talent that no household should be without. With its balanced adhesive strength profile, our washi tape ensures a secure hold on many different surfaces and can be removed even after several weeks. We are tremendously proud that we have developed tesa® Perfect+, one of the very first washi tapes 'Made in Germany'," Kirstin Bergmann, International Marketing Manager in Home Applications, emphasizes.

tesa® Perfect+ – the star of a heroic dynasty

For many decades, tesa has been producing adhesive solutions that masters of crafts now absolutely need to do their work. For painting and renovation professionals as well as for DIY artists, there is a wide range of tapes that achieve perfect results in interior and exterior spaces. The first forerunner of the famous masking tape came on the market more than 85 years ago and was originally an essential tool for painting cars. Alongside crepe-surfaced tapes, the modern – now uncreped – precision tapes with washi paper have expanded the range since 2005. This is where tesa® Perfect+ steps in, launched itself straight to the top with its superpowers: straightforward, reliable, and tear-resistant. A heroic helper who is a superhero in its own right.

We are tremendously proud that we have developed tesa® Perfect+, one of the very first washi tapes 'Made in Germany'.
Kirstin Bergmann

International Marketing Manager, Home Applications

Up to 2 months

the tear-resistant tesa® Perfect+ can be removed without a trace

Fact Sheet: The Straightforward

tesa® Perfect+ masking tape ensures precise and very sharp paint edges with its genuine washi backing and makes interior painting work much easier.  

  • Perfect for interior painting: convincing results without paint bleeding 
  • Genuine special washi paper: very high quality for perfect and very sharp paint edges 
  • No residue: the tear-resistant tesa® Perfect+ can be removed without a trace for up to 2 months
  • Adaptable: adheres to various surfaces, such as fine plaster, wallpaper, glass, aluminum, rigid PVC and wood
  • Versatile: suitable for all paints, varnishes and glazes
  • Comfortable to work with: tesa® Perfect+ masking tape is easy to use and highly tear resistant