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Creating flexo printing tape solutions for the changing world of flexible packaging

These are exciting times in flexible packaging: more variety, premium design, shorter lead-times, cost pressure.
Oh yes, and can you please make it all more sustainable? 
Changing market dynamics are transforming expectations and ideas of what is possible in the world of flexo.
At tesa, we are convinced that when we match your passion, knowledge, and skill with our expertise, solutions, and ‘can-do’ attitude, we can achieve outstanding results. Your challenges are our challenges, your goals are ours.
We share our technology and expertise to create plate mounting tape solutions that work better for your jobs, in your print room - moving the needle on quality, efficiency, innovation, and flexibility.
In a flexible world, when we bond together, amazing things happen.  

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Your individual trial - get in touch

Our experts will consult with you to find the correct plate mounting solution for an efficient trial of tesa® Softprint or tesa® Twinlock

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Your quick guide to print quality

Perfect registration, accurate results from finest screens to deepest solids - focusing on the details to achieve significant quality gains.

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Your quick guide to printing innovation

Adapting the big technological and market trends, and adopting new techniques in practical ways to suit your business.
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Your quick guide to printing efficiency

Getting everything right from the set-up onwards, and investing in the best solutions to improve productivity and deliver ROI.
Flexibility teaser II

Your quick guide to printing with flexibility

Tailoring solutions and technology to help you handle multiple print challenges and fast-changing customer demands.