Assortment Segment Mounting

Reliable mounting in eletric vehicle battery applications

Discover how we help you to securely mount parts inside the battery

FPC Mounting
FPC mounting
Mounting of flexible printed circuit plates (FPC) as a connector between battery cells and the battery management system (BMS). Save space, costs and processing time during assembly compared to traditional wire connections.
PI heating plate mounting
PI heating plate mounting
Mounting of ceramic-printed polyimide (PI) films for use as heating plates. Such plates are part of the thermal management concept. Save space by using this thin filmic material to heat your battery while reducing processing time through a simple lamination process.
Prismatic cell to cell mounting
Cell to cell mounting
Mounting of battery cells to form the battery cell stack. In conventional designs, the tape could just be a processing aid – in cell-to-pack designs, the tape may serve as a structural part of the construction. Our adhesive solutions do not require any curing and save time and costs in your assembly process.
Pouch cell to insulation material mounting
Barrier material mounting
Mounting of barrier materials such as mica or polycarbonate (PC) in between battery cells. Mica/PC are typical materials used to protect the cells against dielectric breakdown. Outsource part of the process to your suppliers by sourcing a barrier material laminated with adhesive – save processing time and costs by streamlining the assembly of your parts.
Frame mounting
Frame mounting
Mounting of module frames and other parts to the cell stack. Found both in module designs and cell-to-pack designs. Our adhesive solutions do not require any curing – save time and cost in your assembly process.