tesa® ACXplus 76730 Box Seal

Sealing tapes for
high-performance adhesion

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The sealing machine for the comfotable sealing of cartons.
Carton sealing
Pipe sealing
lift and reseal 2
Bag sealing
17. Battery pack sealing-cms
Automotive battery pack sealing
Sealing in electronic devices
Sealing in transportation
Temporary edge sealing - 1st generation solar module
Edge sealing for solar modules
Double-sided carton sealing
Food safe tapes for sealing containers.
Cup sealing
The tape is suitable for both manual and automatic dispensers and is largely silent in use.

Sealing tapes for a more innovative and sustainable world

Our more sustainable packaging tapes are just as strong as standard sealing tapes and offer the same reliable performance. Switching from normal to more sustainable packaging tape can be a small but important step towards a more eco-conscious business strategy.

For example, our tesa® 60408 bio-based paper tape has 92% bio-based carbon content in the total product as certified by DIN CERTCO. It can be used for manual and automated sealing and offers superior adhesion and printability. It is also recycling-friendly according to INGEDE Method 12.

As the needs of industries across the globe are demanding and fast-changing, innovation and sustainability are key drivers of what we do. Alongside our standard adhesive tapes for carton sealing, we offer high-temperature-resistant sealing tapes for applications in heating and cooling. For the paper and other roller-based industries, our flying splice tapes provide effective solutions for production continuity, thus saving downtime and labor costs.

We aim to be responsive to the needs of industry and always welcome the chance to work together with you to find new solutions to meet your individual challenges.

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Talk to us about your requirements

Sealing tapes are versatile adhesive solutions that provide reliable performance and protection for packaging, seam sealing, and joining applications across many industries. Rely on us for an extensive portfolio of products to meet your needs. If you are unsure whether a sealing tape is right for your application, just get in touch. One of our experts will be pleased to help you.