Marking & warning tapes
for safer industrial environments

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Marking & warning tapes: quick and eye-catching

High visibility, many colors
Many of our marking and warning tapes come in many different colors to ensure optimal visibility.
Quick and convenient to apply
Our tapes are easy to unwind and uncomplicated to adjust for straight lines.
Robust and longlasting
With their abrasion resistant surface, our tapes withstand foot traffic, carts or machinery.
Secure stick on all surfaces
Thanks to the high adhesion level, our tapes offer reliable hold on many surfaces.


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Our marking tapes provide robust adhesive solutions for distinctive demarcation and effective hazard warning in manufacturing facilities and warehouses. If you would like to find out more about the suitability of any product for your project or application, talk to one of our experts. We are here to help.


 Searching for marking tapes in automotive electrical systems?

Maybe you find what you are looking for in our product assortment for wire harnessing applications.

Marking tapes: FAQ

Can marking tapes be easily removed?

tesa® floor marking tapes are robust and durable. They are designed for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent demarcation on industrial floors and highly visible identification of hazards. Many of our tapes offer residue-free removal. Please check the product specification or ask us for more information on the suitability of marking tape for your application.