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Surface protection in appliances
Appliances refrigerator strapping transport securing illustration
Transport securing strapping in appliances
Filmic car body protection
Exterior surface protection in automotive
Trim protection
Interior surface protection in automotive
Permanent surface protection
Permanent surface protection in transportation
Permanent surface protection in transportation
Temporary protection interlayer - 3rd generation solar module
Temporary protection in solar modules
Paint protection in automotive/special vehicles

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Our protection tapes are highly versatile and provide reliable adhesion. They effectively prevent damage to surfaces and products and can contribute to improving cost-effectiveness and efficiency. For more support in choosing the right tape for your applications, get in touch with us today. 


Protection tapes: FAQ

What is protection tape used for?

Protection tape is an adhesive tape that shields surfaces and products from damage, including scratches, moisture, high temperatures, UV exposure as well as paint in masking applications. It is very versatile and can be used across many industries for sealing and protection. It is commonly used in manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping to prevent damage to products and surfaces.

Does protection tape protect from water?

This will depend on the tape. Many tesa® protection tapes are water- and moisture-resistant, and some are fully waterproof. If you require any further assistance about the suitability of a tape for waterproofing, please check the tape’s product information sheet, or contact us for advice.