Cookie Policy

"Cookies" are used on our websites. Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer.

tesa Cookies

Name Description Validity Cookie type
PHPSESSION Saves the user's session in order to obtain information on the server side between individual requests Session Type 1
eu-cookie Records that the user has viewed the EUCookie-advisory 10 years Type 2
search-history This cookie stores website search queries in order to display the last search terms when the search engine is opened again. 30 days Type 2
press-cart-... In the Media area: saves the IDs of media marked for download by the user. Session Type 1

Google Analytics

Name Description Validity Cookie type
_ga  Google Analytics is the Google analysis tool that und App-makes user interaction with the resources offered transparent for website and app owners. Google Analytics may utilize certain cookies to collect data and forward website usage statistics, without however collecting information that would make individual users personally identifiable by Google. The most important Google Analytics cookie is called "_ga".  2 years Type 3,4
These cookies are for collecting information about how visitors use tesa's local websites. tesa uses this information to generate reports and improve the local websites. The cookies collect information anonymously about such data as number of site visitors, from what site visitors came to the local site and what pages they have visited. 2 years
30 min.
End of visit
2 years
Type 3,4
_gat_1  Google Analytics1  10 minutes  Type 3,4
_gali  Google Analytics1  - Type 3,4
_dc_gtm_1  Google Tag Manager 10 Minutes  Type 3,4


Name Description Validity Cookie type
Occasionally tesa integrates YouTube-videos. The use of cookies by YouTube is governed by Google data privacy policies. For further information consult Cookie-Youtube's policies . 2 Years
8 Months
2 years
6 Monate
60 days
Type 3,4

Cookie Types

Type 1 Absolutely necessary cookies These cookies are absolutely necessary for websites to function properly. Without these cookies, such services as the vehicle configurator cannot be provided.
Type 2 FunctionalCookies These cookies make it possible to enhance the convenience and performance of websites and provide various functionalities. For example, language settings can be stored in functional cookies.
Type 3 PerformanceCookies These cookies collect information about how you use websites. Performance cookies help tesa, for example, to identify the most popular elements of its internet offerings. This enables tesa to tailor its websites more closely to your needs, thus improving tesa's offerings for you. These cookies do not collect person-specific data.
Type 4 Third-party cookies These cookies are set by third parties, such as social networks. They are primarily utilized to integrate social media content such as social plug-ins into our website. For information about how tesa uses social plugins, see the Social Plugins section of the Privacy Statement.