Tapes for mounting:
Flexible, powerful bonding to all types of surfaces

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Types of mounting tapes

Filmic tape

01Filmic tapes

are relatively thin and dimensionally stable. They are ideal for bonding to glass, metal, and plastics.


02Acrylic core tapes

such as our tesa® ACXplus range, boast optimal wetting characteristics and superior bonding performance to surfaces.

PE foam backing tesa® flameXtinct 45001

03Foam tapes

bond different substrates and are adaptable enough to compensate for gaps, dampening unwanted noises or vibrations. 


04Structural bonding tapes

create an extremely high bond when activated by heat or light. 


05Removable double-sided mounting tapes

such as tesa® Bond & Detach are the ideal solution for residue-free debonding - when needed - without causing damage to surfaces. 


06Adhesive transfer tapes

have no carrier. They are transparent and extremely adaptable, but do not allow for repositioning.

tesa® 4964 - Abnehmbares Klebeband

07Cloth tapes

provide good bonding to rough surfaces and can be removed quickly.


08Non-woven tapes

can be easily torn into strips by hand. Their relatively low total thickness means they adapt to slightly irregular surfaces.

High bonding performance
on easy-to-bond surfaces (e.g. metal) as well as hard-to-bond surfaces (e.g. LSE plastics)
Resistance to harsh environments
with extreme temperatures and humidity
to mount on flat, slightly curved, or heavily curved profiles
Optically clear finishes
for translucent or transparent materials
Chemical resistance
to different polar and non-polar substances
when it is needed

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