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When it comes to plate mounting, we have you covered. Our comprehensive range has the solution to make every print job run smoothly, increasing your efficiency and sustainability. You can get everything you need in one place, and our proven supply chains ensure you are never held back from meeting your clients’ requirements. 
Our two plate mounting technologies are tesa® Softprint tapes and the reusable, self-adhesive tesa® Twinlock sleeves. Both ensure exceptional print results. When it comes to choosing which is right for you, we offer on-site consultations. 

What does that mean for you exactly?

It means that we are the only supplier in the market who will offer you unbiased consultation on which technology is the right one for you - whether it is self-adhesive tapes or sleeves. Obviously if you work with a plate mounting supplier only offering tape, they will recommended to use ecactly that. If you are in contact with a supplier only offering self-adhesive sleeves, that's what they will recommend. 
After analyzing your processes, typical print jobs, organizational goals, and any other influencing factors, we are the only plate mounting solution supplier who will recommend what best fulfills your requirements.

We also offer a large range of process tapes for flexo printing

Roller wrapping
tesa® Printer´s friend tapes offer outstanding grip to process high-slip materials and repel a variety of
substances involved in the process (e.g. adhesives and inks).
Flexo_edge sealing_illustration
Plate edge sealing
Specific circumstances may require additional support against plate edge lifting.
Flexo_Paper_end tabbing_illustration
End tabbing
To close converted reels for storage or later processing. Our tapes offer safe bonding on various substrates.
Flexo_Paper_core starting_illustration
Core starting
For rough core surfaces, we provide several tapes with excellent adhesion properties to ensure the web is securely attached to the core.
Flexo_primer on plate_illustration
Adhesion promoter
For additional bonding strength to plate edge if needed.
Reliable splicing at the highest speeds combined with easy and fast job preparation, resulting in maximized process efficiency.

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Our products and technologies have been developed to support the print demands you face. An on-site consultation allows us to truly understand the processes and challenges that relate to you specifically. The best results come from this collaborative approach.
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