Document Sponge Attachment

Reliable Bonding With Film, Foam & Non-Woven Tapes

Our double sided adhesive tapes bond parts firmly to copiers and printers. tesa is a manufacturer of a wide range of non-woven, filmic, and foam tapes based on the requirements of our customers.

Non-woven tapes are conformable and flexible, allowing them to stick to irregular surfaces as needed, in addition to excellent adhesive qualities consistent in tapes manufactured by tesa. As also required by other applications of non-woven adhesives for copies and printers, the tapes are made to die cut well and tearable by hand whilst being tear resistant.

Applications of tesa non-woven adhesive tapes

  • Document Sponge Attachment
  • Hole Covering
  • Document Label Mounting
  • Scanner Glass Mounting
  • Flywheel Disc Mounting
  • Paper Guide Mounting
  • Fixation of FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits)


Applications of tesa Filmic Tapes

  • Emblem Mounting
  • Display Mounting
  • Hole Covering
  • Flywheel Disc Mounting


Applications of tesa Foam Tapes

  • Display Mounting


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