Tablet tape to repair or assemble components like touch screen, camera, speaker, charging port, and other

Higher flexibility and more sophisticated electronic devices have become ever more common today. Tablets are generally characterised by their lightweight design and their touch-sensitive screen. In terms of offered services, operation and design, they are technologically inspired by modern smartphones. In order to meet these changing needs, we have developed special adhesive solutions, such as functional tapes that go beyond the precise bonding of different components. We have been supporting the electronics industry for years by offering various standard and special solutions for tablets. These solutions meet the demands of major global players and consumers over the lifecycle of the devices.

During the entire product development process, it is our business to support you and your products on a daily basis. We put you and your suppliers first by giving you the individual attention and service you deserve. Our extensive expertise in tape application for electronic devices means that we can support you in a professional manner and help you choose the best option from our range of adhesive tape solutions. We keep up with the latest innovations and market technologies from the electronic industry so that we can offer to our customers a wide range of specially developed adhesive tapes for smartphones, tablets and many other electronic devices.