Safety Markings

Our solutions increase safety on slippery surfaces or in places where access is difficult.

Mark out hazardous areas, minimize any slipping or tripping hazards on steps or walkways, or even provide more grip on ramps with our range of Safety Marking tapes.

Steps and walkways can become slippery when wet or dirty which can make access difficult, tesa® Anti slip tapes provide a re-assuring grip to any area where you need safe, secure and reliable footing, be it on a ladder or the rear step of a truck or van. tesa® Anti slip tapes are resistant to the environment so whatever the weather they can provide a re-assuring grip on ramps for mobility vehicles when needed by wheel chair users or on ambulances.

tesa® hazard warning making tapes, do just that, highly visible striped tapes that are used to warn of potentially dangerous areas, such as electrical housing, warning of a low ceilings or unsighted steps.