Cloth Tapes and Gaffer Tapes For Temporary Repairs and Fixtures

Cloth Tapes and Gaffer Tapes For Temporary Repairs and Fixtures

Cloth adhesive tapes are ideal products for temporary repair and fastening applications. They are able to bond to rough surfaces and can be removed quickly and cleanly after use. From cloth tape for repairs, to gaffer tape for specific industries: our comprehensive range of cloth tapes has you covered.

Cloth tapes

tesa has a broad range of cloth adhesive tapes ideal for many industrial applications, as well as at home and in the office. Cloth tapes are used predominantly for repairs, due to its ability to bond easily to rough surfaces. As such, they are also know as cloth repair tapes.

Cloth tapes can be split into different categories based on their construction.

The key features of a cloth tape are:
1. The mesh count of the backing – the higher the mesh count, the higher the tensile strength.

2. The type of coating: premium cloth tapes and speciality cloth tapes are coated with acrylic paste coating – sometimes up to 3 times which provides superior resistance to the effects of weathering and UV light.

3. Adhesive type: natural rubber adhesives are used on all the types of tape. However, for speciality cloth tapes the adhesive is ‘thermoset’ i.e. it is highly cross-linked which gives it a higher temperature resistance.

Choose the cloth tape that best suits your application based on these characteristics.


Gaffer Tapes

Gaffer tape is a special type of cloth tape frequently used in the music and film industries, primarily to affix cables and other wires during live shows, concerts, and film productions. Designed for temporary usage, gaffer tapes can be easily removed without harming or leaving residue on the surface, even after lengthy periods of time. Gaffer tapes are also able to resist high temperatures, making them ideal for applications on electronic equipment. The tape’s matte finish does not reflect light, so as to not interfere with production lighting. We also offer specialty gaffer tapes to be used with green screens. 

tesa Cloth Tapes


tesa 4671 for Green screening

tesa Duct tapes for industrial repairs

tesa cloth tapes can be converted to meet your requirements

Multi coloured, multi applications,

Explore tesa’s comprehensive range of cloth tapes, ideal for temporary repairs and industrial applications, and gaffer tape, below.

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