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The packaging industry has never been so demanding. Shorter print runs, faster speeds, highest quality, all whilst reducing waste and emissions. Working together, we can exceed expectations for quality, efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability.
Our extensive range and in-depth knowledge of flexographic technology is a gamechanger. No other market player offers both plate mounting technologies (self-adhesive tapes and sleeves) alongside such a range of splicing and process tapes. With a team of dedicated experts, we'll help you find the solution that's best for you and will provide onsite training to complement your operational expertise.
The results speak for themselves. From better print quality to greater efficiencies and a verifiable reduction in waste and emissions, we at tesa are your ideal flexo partner.

Unleashing print potential, together

At tesa, we're passionate about print, and our experts will work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and to overcome them with our unrivalled range of solutions.
The combination of our flexo experts and our broad assortment is what makes us unique. Our large assortment enables us to give you unbiased consultation - together we will find whatever best fulfills your requirements.

Your one stop for all flexo plate mounting solutions

Whatever fits best - we offer both self-adhesive tesa® Twinlock sleeves and tesa® Softprint tapes alongside many other adhesive solutions to suit your printing requirements. With unbiased consultations, our experts will help you decide which is best for you. Additionally, our proven supply chain ensures you can always meet your clients' requirements.

tesa® Twinlock sleeves
tesa® Twinlock are reusable, self-adhesive sleeves and are a very efficient and more sustainable approach to flexo plate mounting.
tesa® Softprint tapes
tesa® Softprint is our highly flexible range of plate mounting tapes, offering a fitting solution for all process and print requirements.
Splicing and process tapes
tesa® EasySplice facilitates quick and reliable flying splices between reels and many other complementary tapes help boost process efficiency.
Expertise and consultations
We are proud of the flexo expertise and availability of our global team of tesa flexo experts to help you select your ideal adhesive solutions.
Reliable supply
Our well-proven supply chains ensure you receive our products when you need them wherever you need them globally so you can keep the press running.

Getting the right solution for your needs - take our quiz

Bringing together your skills and our innovation, we can improve efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Our tesa® Twinlock and tesa® Softprint technologies offer you a unique choice, whilst our service supports you in making the right one for you.
Read more on the following page and take our quiz to find out which plate mounting solution best suits your needs.

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The on-site consultations we offer, and our local presence in many countries, allow us to truly understand the processes and challenges that relate specifically to your business and to help you decide whether tesa® Softprint or tesa® Twinlock, or a combination of both, would deliver the best results.
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Frequently asked questions about flexo plate mounting

We have specialists around the globe who will be happy to help you meet your flexo demands and challenges. If you have a specific question today, take a look at our FAQ or get in touch directly.

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