Repairing & General Application Tapes

Selected single-sided  cloth tapes for Converters, handpicked from our broader assortment.

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tesa® cloth tape

Cloth tapes are ideal products for temporary applications. They can bond to rough surfaces, are hand tearable, and can be removed quickly and cleanly after use. The higher the mesh count of the backing, the tougher the tape is and the higher its tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Mesh count is a measure of how many threads cross each other per square inch of tape.

Cloth tapes are very versatile and may be used not only for repairing applications but also for masking while sandblasting or spray painting, bundling and reinforcing, color coding of wires, permanent sealing of pipe joints, securing of sharp edges, fixing and insulating of wires.

Key features

Transfer and Scrim backed tapes can be conformed to different shapes


Hand tearable

Hand tearable


Residue-free removal




Weather resistant

Transfer and scrim backed tapes are chemical resistant.

Chemical resistant

Converter picks

Application examples

Using single-sided repairing tape to repair industrial equipment.


Facility management, general applications

General masking

Industrial paint processes

Pipe sealing

Facility management, general applications


Manufacturing industries, logistics

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