Fiberglass Filament Tape for Strapping & Bundling

Filament tape, commonly known as strapping tape or packing tape, is characterized by its reinforced crossweave backings that render heavy duty strapping and bundling performance. Filament strapping tapes provide strong and flexible holding power you can rely on.

Filament Tape Characteristics

Filament tapes possesss robust characteristics, making it the ideal strapping tape to be used in many different applications. When properly applied, filament tape will shrink around the surface of the object it is applied to, resulting in a tight hold. Our filament strapping tapes play an essential role in various processes, such as the strapping of pallets during shipping, ensuring shelves and trays are held in place during movement of fridges or display cabinets and bundling steel coils during storage.

A filament adhesive tape consists for the most part of a strong carrier, like PET (polyethylene / polyester) fitted with a strong pressure-sensitive adhesive which can be a synthetic rubber adhesive or acrylic adhesive. Fiberglass filaments or polyester filaments are laminated to the film and are incorporated into the material to support tear-resistance. Fiberglass unidirectional filaments are one of the most important components in many industrial processes, due to its strong hold and resistance to moisture and abrasion.

The high-performance filament tape is waterproof, weatherproof, non-aging and resistant against many chemicals. Best applied with a handheld dispenser, the tape can be cleanly removed after application without any residue. tesa filament and strapping tapes are suitable for many applications including:

  • Transport securing; securing pallets
  • Securing loose parts during delivery or storage of electric devices (washing machines, fridge, freezers, dishwashers)
  • Protection of edges
  • Reinforcing plastic elements
  • Packaging heavy and bulky cardboard boxes
  • Sealing hazardous materials
  • Bundling heavy objects
  • Bundling and palletising
  • Heavy duty carton sealing
  • Pipeline and cable wrapping
  • and many more


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