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Solar power is the cleanest renewable energy source and photovoltaic systems are a low cost way to generate electricity almost everywhere in the world. The solar market is expected to grow to keep up with a continuously increasing global electricity demand, and with more and more countries, companies, and end users focusing on eco-friendly power generation to reduce carbon emissions. 'Solar' is not only a growing market but an ever-evolving one. Today wafer-based crystalline silicon (c-Si) modules, thin film modules, and ultrathin, flexible next generation modules all contribute to more sustainable energy generation. 
We have been providing adhesive tapes for the manufacture and integration of solar modules for over 15 years, and we are continuously working on innovations to support the global energy transition.
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Explore our solutions for all solar module types and generations:

A strong partner to the solar industry

The solar industry is very important to us.
We understand the relevance of the global development of this market, both in existing areas and in areas that no one has thought of yet. We strongly believe in the power of adhesive tapes and we are determined to find a solution for every new requirement you present to us. Let's innovate together to take smart and renewable energy to a new level!


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