Secure Adhesive Tape Solution for Mounting Attachment Parts to Car Bodies

Permanently attach body moldings, trim, and emblems to your vehicle with tesa® ACXplus, high strength acrylic foam tape with weather & temperature resistance. Reliable adhesive solution that withstand all external influences throughout the lifetime of the car.

Bonding power – tesa® ACXplus for automotive attachment parts

During the lifetime of a vehicle, static and dynamic stresses act upon the constructive bond between the car body and the attachment part. tesa® ACXplus creates a powerful bond even between automotive materials with different surface characteristics, such as plastic parts and clear coats.

tesa® ACXplus is a new category of double-sided tapes for constructive bonding. These automotive tapes securely mount attachment parts to the car body and at the same time provide reliable sealing and vibration damping. The unique tapes also compensate for thermal expansion and ensure excellent stress dissipation. Their high level of adaptability allows perfect attachment to the car body’s curves and corners. Due to its deep black color, tesa® ACXplus 78XX Black Line is practically invisible when used between the attachment part and the car body.

Download our References and Approvals for Attachment Part Mounting


As leading tape supplier for the automotive industry, we have gained material and part approvals for tesa® ACXplus acrylic foam tape as well as tesa® PE foam tape from different OEM and OES, such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, FCA, Ford, Geely, Hyundai, JLR, Renault, Toyota, VW and many more. 
Please download our approvals and references, to get more information.

Our technology allows for the precise die-cutting of tesa® ACXplus into any shape, number or letter combination required for your attachment part. We provide assistance in identifying the most effective and efficient solution, whether it be with or without a customer liner, on rolls or sheets. Our range of complementary products, including adhesion promoters, application tools, and tabbing tapes, complement our assortment. In addition, our dispensers offer high process stability and cost savings to further enhance the efficiency of your operations.