Vibration and Noise Damping

Relaxing journeys in quiet surroundings – prevent rattling, squeaking and buzzing with our tape solutions.

Our tapes separate different types of material to prevent rattling, friction and squeaking.

We have products that offer you the following features and benefits:

  • Good noise-dampening and vibration-absorbing properties

  • High initial tack and adhesion

  • Good ageing and abrasion resistance

  • High conformability even on LSE surfaces

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tesa® 60606 PV1
PET fleece
tackified acrylic
760 µm
85 %
tesa® 60608 PV1
PET fleece
tackified acrylic
250 µm
17 %
tesa® 64026 Precision Die Cuts
PET cloth
tackified acrylic
240 µm
40 %