Electrically Conductive Adhesive Tapes

Select from our range of electrically conductive adhesive tapes that provide grounding and shielding characteristics and are easy to integrate into manufacturing processes.

Features of Electrically Conductive Tapes by tesa

Strength of electrical conductivity and adhesion are particularly important for tapes in industrial settings. Which is why even at high temperatures, humidity, and other harsh conditions, tesa electrical foam tapes retain excellent conductivity in XYZ-direction and maintain strong adhesion levels.

Our electrical tapes offer efficiency where you need it. These tapes can be applied securely on uneven surfaces due to their ability to conform and adjust. Moreover, the die-cuttability of electrical tapes allow them to be custom shaped accordingly to your demands.

How do Electrically Conductive Tapes work? 

Electrical tapes contain conductive components that are held within the tape polymer matrix, and when these conductive components are in contact with substrates, an electric current will be allowed to flow between the substrates, enabling electrical conductivity.

Type of Backing of tesa Electrically Conductive Tapes:

  • Black PET
  • Aluminium foil
  • Conductive foam
  • Conductive non-woven
  • Conductive woven


Advantages of Electrically Conductive Adhesive Tapes

  • Good XYZ electrical conductivity performance
  • Room temperature application and assembly
  • Low contact resistance and tape construction for good EMI performance
  • Inherent EMI shielding capability
  • Improved environmental impact


Some Uses of Electrically Conductive Adhesive Tapes

  • Electrical Interconnection and assembly
  • EMC applications such as grounding
  • Electrostatic discharge applications
  • Static dissipation and control 
  • Wearable sensors 


Browse through our wide-ranging electrically conductive tapes and find out more about the technical properties such as liner type, colour, and short term temperature resistance for each product.