tesa® ACXplus multi-purpose (MP) tapes

tesa® ACXplus MP asortment is our all rounder double-sided adhesive tape and one of our most popular lines for industrial distributors and converters. Due to their high viscoelasticity and excellent adhesion levels, the acrylic core tapes can absorb and dissipate stress and compensate the thermal elongation of bonded parts. They can therefore be used for a wide range of multipurpose bonding applications.

Bonding power

  • For powerful long-lasting bonds - even on materials with different surface characteristics
  • Wetting and chemical adaption to the bonded surfaces
  • Tape thicknesses can be adjusted to compensate for rough and uneven surfaces​

Stress dissipation

  • tesa® ACXplus has an outstanding ability to compensate static, dynamic and temperature stress, up to the cycle of a component
  • Due to the viscoeleastic behavior stresses can be dissipated to ensure a  secure bond

tesa® 725x MP

Suitable for mounting of transparent materials

tesa® 728x

Suitable for mounting of decorative parts and POS elements

Emblems are mounted onto appliances with double-sided tape.
tesa® 727x
Suitable for mounting of emblems and signs

Our tesa ACXplus MP product range

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