Carton Sealing Tapes

Safe journey safe arrival – our carton sealing tapes ensure that your products reach their destination intact.

The sealing machine for the comfotable sealing of cartons.

The sealing machine to close cartons comfortably

Secure packaging is the primary requirement to ensure that a product reaches its destination intact. Whether the carton is light or heavy, traveling a short distance by rail or taking a long journey by ship – we have developed our current packaging tape range to meet every requirement for the sealing of cardboard boxes. We provide a wide assortment for carton sealing including tape dispensers which make your packaging efficient and reliable.

The tesa comfort dispenser 6400 is developed for the easy integration into the packaging process.

The tesa comfort dispenser 6400 has been developed for the easy integration into the packaging process

Features of carton sealing:

  • Manual and automatic sealing of light and medium-weight cartons
  • Easy to unwind and suitable for use with hand dispensers or packaging machines
  • A full and complete solution including the tape and a tesa® 6400 dispenser