Duct Tapes For All Practical Uses

Duct tapes – the universal helpers – are especially suitable for general purpose and temporary applications. Our collection of duct tapes have only limited resistance to weathering, which makes them durable for your repairing, sealing, and fastening needs. We also offer tapes with a relatively low tensile strength that are hand tearable for easy application.

tesa duct tapes come with PET/cotton fabric backing coated with either natural or synthetic rubber adhesives.

Practical Uses of tesa Duct Tapes

  • Sealing of pipes and ducts
  • Fastening of construction and protection films
  • Closing of covering foils
  • Sealing of barrels and buckets
  • Applications on brickwork and timber
  • Repairing of greenhouses
  • Heavy duty packing of outdoor exposed goods


Features of tesa Products

  • Water repellent
  • Good adhesion on rough surfaces
  • Flexible
  • Colours in black, silver, white (availability based on product)


Choose from our collection of versatile and durable duct tapes by viewing the details of the products below.

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tesa® 4662
PE laminated cloth
natural rubber
230 µm
18 %
tesa® 4663
PE laminated cloth
natural rubber
290 µm
18 %
tesa® 4687
PE laminated cloth
natural rubber
260 µm
20 %
tesa® 60642
aluminium foil
synthetic rubber
80 µm