Double Sided Foam Tapes

Double sided foam tapes can be used to compensate for gaps, bond different substrates and to dampen unwanted noises or vibrations. It is also the preferred tape for permanent mounting, due to its ability to adhere to different surfaces, strength and conformability.

Double Sided Foam Tape Applications

tesa’s complete assortment of double sided foam tapes has been engineered for safe and reliable mounting and dampening applications. Our tapes range from 300 µm to 3 mm in thickness to compensate for gaps of different sizes, and offer different types of adhesive backings to satisfy various requirements. 

Pure acrylic adhesives offer heavy duty long term performance in tough outdoor applications, for example in fixing and bonding automotive badges and trims. Double sided foam tapes with tackified acrylic adhesives have a higher initial bond strength and offer design gap compensation and excellent dampening properties, making them ideal for applications where shock absorption is a consideration.

When selecting double sided foam adhesives for mounting and bonding applications, environmental conditions are one of the key areas that must be taken into consideration. Double sided foam mounting tapes with acrylic adhesives are resistant to UV, water, humidity and temperature fluctuations, making them the right choice for mounting objects either indoor or outdoor. The result: A safe and secure permanent bond that will last for years.

All double sided foam adhesives feature either clsoed-cell PE or PE-EVA foam carriers. The thinnest tapes in the range at 300 µm and 400 µm also feature a PET reinforcement film, making these suitable for die-cutting and converting processes.

Approvals held by tapes within our double sided foam tape assortment include TÜV Rheinland for bonding of aluminium, glass and Tedlar® in solar modules.

Discover our range of quality double sided foam tapes for any application, from permanent mounting to shock absorption.