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Your mini guide to printing efficiency  

In today’s fast-moving packaging marketplace, every second counts, and every run feels like a race. If you want to compete, you cannot afford to slip up. All of which adds up to intense pressure on the shop floor to work at peak efficiency, on every job. You need to get everything right, right from the set-up. Together, we can find the extra percentage points of improvement – adjustments in your plate mounting that add up to make a huge difference in your productivity and profitability, not to mention your personal satisfaction in a job done outstandingly well.  

It is all about ROI

You know the challenges as well as we do, but there are some specific areas around tape and plate mounting that you can focus on to deliver big savings in time, money, and resources – bringing you that all-important ROI. 

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01Consistency and speed

Selecting the correct foam hardness is a critical factor in maintaining consistent print quality – limiting familiar defects such as banding, increased dot gain, and pinholing, and therefore minimizing costly over-runs and product recalls. We offer six levels of foam hardness, so whatever the motif you can be sure of right-first-time results. The formulation of all our foams offer a level of resilience that makes faster machine speeds possible, even on long runs, eliminating waste and the need for on-press setting adjustments. 

Flexo easy plate demounting

02Bonding perfection

Adhesives have very different properties and characteristics in response to different conditions and print parameters. Choosing carefully will save you a lot of unwanted headaches and wasted time down the line. For example, the right plate-side adhesive will prevent edge lift with thicker plates, as well as tearing and stretching with thinner plates upon demounting. While our sleeve-side adhesives are tailored to different sleeve types and ensure quick and easy demounting of tape from the sleeve.  

Plate mounting tesa® Twinlock

03Ease of handling

The plate mounting process can eat into valuable press time. That is why all our tape is designed for ease of handling. Latest innovations are assigned to further improve productivity. For example, our tesa® Softprint FE-X EA series features micro channels within the adhesive that aid air removal during plate mounting and printing.  

Self-adhesive reusable tesa® Twinlock sleeves can save you a significant amount of time in the mounting department as there is no tape handling required during mounting and demounting, and they are a good option for a great share of recurring repeats. The quality and characteristics of the PU foam layer and polymer coating are crucial factors to ensure there is no fall-off in performance over the longer run - so you enjoy the full productivity premium.  


Finding exactly the right solution   

Improving efficiency is a complex challenge that involves many different moving parts - unique to you. We offer expert advice, plus a complete choice of self-adhesive sleeve and tape options, to help you improve performance.  

Eco-friendly printing with tesa® Twinlock: A self-adhesive and compressible sleeve to mount your flexo printing plates.

tesa® Twinlock

Our range of self-adhesive reusable sleeves – designed for maximum efficiency and sustainability in print mounting, without sacrificing performance or quality. With a rapid ROI investment payback time, tesa® Twinlock features a special PU foam designed to ensure consistent compressibility on lunger runs and eliminate bounce, while laser-controlled manufacturing ensures the exact thickness you need.  

tesa Softprint® plate mounting with foam tapes

tesa® Softprint

Our family of plate mounting tapes, constantly evolving to meet changing needs and help you drive efficiency in your process. tesa® Softprint features exceptional foam quality, for excellent cushioning and long-term resilience. We offer six different levels of hardness, to provide the perfect match for any print motif. And our comprehensive range of plate and sleeve side adhesives means bonding perfection, together with quick and easy demounting.    

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