Six reasons to switch
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In the realm of modern printing technologies, flexographic printing has emerged as a highly versatile and cost-effective option. This text explores the numerous benefits of flexographic printing, highlighting the reasons why businesses and industries are increasingly adopting flexo as their printing technology of choice. 

01Production speed and turnaround times

New flexo printing machines continuously set new records when it comes to production speeds, allowing for increased throughput and shorter turnaround times. This attribute is highly valuable in today's fast-paced business environment, enabling companies to meet tight deadlines and swiftly respond to market demands. 

02Cost efficiency

Flexographic printing employs flexible plates, which are continuously becoming more economical to produce, resulting in substantially lower setup costs, making them attractive especially in today's dynamic market where shorter print runs are more common. In many cases, gravure lead time is 3-4 times that of flexo.

03Versatility and adaptability

Flexographic printing offers unrivaled versatility, accommodating a wide array of substrates, including paper, film, corrugated board, and various flexible packaging materials. The ability to print on diverse surfaces makes it the ideal choice for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods packaging.

04Steps towards more sustainable printing

In recent years, environmental consciousness has become a significant concern for businesses. The shift towards water-based and UV-curable inks with the use of fewer solvents leading to lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions combined with the usage of less ink and striving for less additives within ink, has reduced the environmental impact of flexo printing. 

05Print quality

Advancements in flexographic printing technology have significantly improved print quality, rivaling the once superior results of rotogravure printing. With the ability to achieve high-resolution images and intricate designs, flexographic printing has become an attractive option for industries requiring eye-catching graphics and product differentiation.


The inherent design of flexographic printing reduces material wastage during setup and production, minimizing downtime and accelerating the printing process, especially important for efficiency on shorter print runs. 


As businesses and industries seek innovative solutions to stay competitive, flexographic printing has proven to be a reliable and forward-looking technology. Which print process is right for you largely depends on the job, substrate, and a variety of other factors of the job you're printing. Your individual targets and preferences have to be balanced, including sustainability, cost, ink type, quality, and more. After all internal decisions are considered, you should always think things through with an external printing expert. Let us know how we can help.


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