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<p>Coradia LINT 54 - Dieseltriebwagen der Baureihe 622</p> <p>Im Juni 2012 bestellte die DB bei Alstom in Salzgitter 24 "LINT 54" - Triebwagen mit 160 Sitzplätzen, hauptsächlich für den Regionalverkehr in Rheinland-Pfalz.&nbsp;</p>
Fine Lines, Sharp Edges

Fine Lines, Sharp Edges

A brand on wheels – Thanks to design painting. A job made easier by adhesive tapes.

Creativity needs innovation

However, all this creativity has its price. For the initial coating in the factory, as well as during repair or maintenance jobs, significantly more complex tasks are required compared to single-color solutions. Because only through time-consuming masking and cover processes, the different areas can be clearly defined and outlined during the painting process.

A significant cost factor for the involved companies– Yet, a factor that hardly any manufacturer can avoid. Jörg Hülsbusch, planning engineer at Alstom: "Our clients' interest in multi-colored vehicles has been growing for years." Therefore, painters’ tapes and masking tapes are attracting ever more attention. The aim is to find – or even develop – the optimal solution by means of high-quality products, which adapt to the specific surface or processing method. "We at Alstom, have been relying on high-quality products from tesa for years."

Reduce your costs in a sustainable way

"The challenges: Easy handling. High productivity. Visibly better painting results. In other words, our different tapes are designed to provide the best quality and cost-optimized working procedures," says Daniel Mellentin, tesa SE. Furthermore, the demands regarding temperature resistance, adhesive strength, release properties and resilience of the masking tapes make the challenge even more demanding.

In addition, there are different tasks that need to be tackled – such as adaptation to curves, creation of extremely sharp edges or uses in blasting, electroplating or powder coating. The adhesive tapes must adhere perfectly even to materials such as plastic or sealing rubber – and then be removed easily and without leaving residues. For us, the solution lies in diversity – that is, the development of masking tapes that are material-specific and application-specific.

Do you know your "specialist"?

Thus, we supply our customers with a variety of different masking tapes, which achieve the best results in their respective areas of application. The foundation is the special combination of the carrier material and the adhesive agent. Together with a selection of different widths and thicknesses, this results in a wide range of applications: From the narrow radius to the long straight line, from masking drill holes to large surface protection. Always safe to use, simple to handle and easy to store.

How to get things into perspective? "Individual consulting is an essential part of our service," says Daniel Mellentin. "If we encounter a new constellation, we see this as a challenge. And if necessary, we develop a suitable solution in cooperation with the client."

Color design – thanks to tesa

Truly unique paintworks – with our high-quality masking solutions, they can be implemented quickly and effectively, in series and for repair jobs. The masking range is characterized by its reliable adhesion to almost all materials, avoidance of overspray, high-temperature resistance, as well as easy, residue-free removal after use. The tapes are also suitable for large areas and complicated shapes. Special fineline tapes, solutions for stamping parts,as well as rollers and other resources complete the offer.

Further information about the products

Two specialists – tesa EasyCover® 4368 and tesa EasyCover® 4378

Large-area masking – It's very easy with the two ready-to-use masking solutions tesa EasyCover® 4368 and tesa EasyCover® 4378.

Both products are suitable for quick and efficient masking of large surfaces. The difference: While the tesa EasyCover® 4368 is resistant to dispersion and can be removed easily and cleanly after a short bonding time, the EasyCover® 4378 is used especially for painting jobs that require a drying period. However, it features a temperature resistance up to 120° C. Furthermore, it is resistant to wet-grinding and can be removed quickly and cleanly.

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Application Examples

Curved fine-line masking
Large area masking
Gluing masking
Masking during powdercoating
General masking
Masking during Sandblasting


Curved fine-line masking

Large area masking

Gluing masking

Masking during powdercoating

General masking

Masking during Sandblasting