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How South Korean food brand Orion takes care of environment protection

The company's 'Good Packaging Project' is supported by sustainable flexo printing with self-adhesive tesa® Twinlock sleeves

Nov 23, 2021

Evolving from a confectionery maker into a global food company

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Founded in 1956, the company is now leading the South Korean candy market with many popular products.

Over the last decades, Orion has developed into a global enterprise with production sites in China, Vietnam, and Russia, while exporting to America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. 

Today, Orion is continuously extending its business operations from a candy manufacturer into a total food player.

The problem: Plastic waste

According to statistahttps://www.statista.com/topics/6010/plastic-waste-in-south-korea/, South Korea is the world's leader in plastic consumption per capita. The local increase of waste plastic poses a significant challenge to the country. This challenge turned into a major crisis in 2018, when China announced a ban of waste imports, a practice South Korea had heavily relied on in the past.

The government reacted promptly and laid out plans to cut back on plastic waste creation. The target is to reduce plastic waste by 30% by 2022 and by 50% by 2030. In parallel, the nation’s recycling rate is planned to increase from 34% to 70% by 2030. https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2019/11/281_277795.html

The South Korean people are also becoming more aware of the garbage problem and are adjusting daily routines. They are also demanding consumer good manufacturers to reduce plastic consumption and to act more responsible when it comes to environmental protection.

Large amount of plastic waste at a recycling plant
Large amount of plastic waste at a recycling plant
Orion Good Packaging Project
Orion Good Packaging Project

Orion's answer: ‘Good Packaging Project’

Even before the 'plastic waste crisis' fully hit the country, starting in 2014, the Orion Group has implemented its ‘Good Packaging Project’ to contribute their share in environmental protection.

The project is based on three main factors:

  1. Reduce packaging size and empty space inside the product
  2. Increase the weight of product
  3. Develop eco-friendly packaging material

When looking into eco-friendly packaging, Orion has greatly reduced the use of ink, and with the additionally launched 'Green Packaging Project', they have developed packaging materials not only helping to protect the environment, but also improving the work environment at the packaging production line.

Starting in early 2020, Orion started to print eco-friendly packaging with the flexographic printing technology (switching from gravure), cutting the use of ink in half. Fully believing in the new printing technology and its benefits for the environment, Orion plans to continuously expand its flexo printing facilities and focus on waterbased inks.
In terms of environmental protection in the candy and snack industry, Orion has been a forerunner for years. They are now the first South Korean food packaging printer using flexographic printing and water-based inks, making copper-free and solvent-free printing possible. 

Future environmental conservation and sustainable ESG modernization development by using technology of renewable resources to reduce pollution and carbon emission .
Environment protection at Orion

Introducing a new printing technology, ordering new machinery and equipment, training people, and continuously applying highest standards in print quality - all this was a major project.

Here at tesa, we are proud of having taken an active part in this endeavor by supplying our reusable tesa® Twinlock self-adhesive sleeves. As it eliminates the need for tapes, tesa® Twinlock aligns perfectly with Orion’s Good Packaging initiative by improving the company’s carbon footprint. 

During the procurement process, Orion representatives were invited to tesa's headquarters in Germany and the production site in the Netherlands to better understand the capabilities of tesa® Twinlock while also experiencing how European printers are prospering with the solution. Later, a tesa engineer visited Orion’s plant in South Korea for three days to provide training for staff, also sharing standard operating procedures in Korean language to ensure that there were no misunderstandings.

Presenting tesa® Twinlock sleeve shop floor
Presenting tesa® Twinlock sleeve shop floor
Future environmental conservation and sustainable ESG modernization development by using technology of renewable resources to reduce pollution and carbon emission .
The concept of tesa® Twinlock aligns perfectly with Orion’s Good Packaging initiative by improving the company’s carbon footprint.

Key benefits tesa® Twinlock @ Orion

tesa_Icon_Waste Reduction

Reaching SUSTAINABILITY targets

Reduced annual ink usage by 50% compared to gravure, switching to waterbased inks - supporting Orion's 'Good Packaging Project'

Don’t worry, just PRINT

Excellent print quality and improved working environment


First South Korean food packaging printer using state-of-the-art flexographic printing

Trustful partnership with W&H

Orion is the very first food packaging printer in South Korea switching from rotogravure to flexographic printing and to waterbased inks. They have chosen a W&H MIRAFLEX II for their endeavor and are very much convinced of the equipment and the trustful partnership. So much so that they have already ordered a second machine in 2021.https://www.wh.group/int/en/company/news_events/e_magazine/orion_installs_first_ci_flexo_press/orion_installs_first_ci_flexo_press.html

W&H themselves have a clear focus on sustainability and have defined a package of measures to contribute their share to a sustainable development of flexible packaging.https://www.wh.group/int/en/company/w_h_group/sustainability/


All the best for the journey ahead and the compelling efforts of making the food packaging industry more sustainable!

W&H Miraflex II

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