Order Form for European Push and Promotion Assortment

Dear Sales,
With this assortment of non-standard products, we would like to support our launches and access to Asian products that we want to actively push in Europe. These materials are defined to simplify the sampling for spec-in projects at End-customers as well as for Converter trials. 

Products covered : Flame Retardant, BSR, ACXplus MP, TCT, Differential Si/Ac, ACXplus Auto, CNV Display, d/s Mounting, ECT, Automotive Focus, ePowertrain, Automotive OCA

Relevant products defined by European Marketing Team
► Available only A4 Sheet sets or mini converter logs (couple of meters in 150-250mm width)
► 1 request = 3 samples max
Accessible for ITC / Auto / IGM sales 
Select sample needs (3 max.)
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European Marketing Team.

Producing of converted products