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tesa® Roller Correction ecoLogo®

tesa® Roller Correction ecoLogo® covers incorrect text passages with a precisely applied strip of thin self-adhesive correction paper for easy re-writing.

  • For precise corrections
  • Good cover and adhesion
  • Can be written on immediately

Order no:

Main features

  • For precise corrections
  • Good cover and adhesion
  • Can be written on immediately
  • Tear-resistant backing (PET)
  • Tape widths: 4.2mm for printed text, 8.4mm for hand-written text
  • Solvent-free
  • 100% recycled plastic (housing), refill 61% recycled plastic (without tape)
  • Packaging: 80% recycled cardboard, blister without PVC

Product description

Correcting errors or incorrect text passages has never been easier. Simply press the tesa® Roller Correction ecoLogo® on the paper and apply a strip of self-adhesive film to hide any typed or handwritten text in a clean and unobtrusive way. The white tape offers perfect text coverage and is ready for immediate overwriting. The roller is made from 100% recycled plastic and can be refilled with any suitable tesa® correction tape.
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Since nobody is perfect, there will always be situations where a written document contains errors that need to be corrected. The tesa® Roller Correction ecoLogo® provides the easy way of correcting typing errors or outdated information without the use of messy fluids.

Sustainable correction roller to make errors disappear

Typing errors will always happen. But the tesa® Roller Correction ecoLogo® will quickly make them disappear. You only need to press it against the paper and move it sideways. This will automatically detach a strip of correction tape from its carrier and stick it to the surface of the document.

Ready for writing and copying

The correction tape provided by the roller is made of tear-resistant PET. It is extremely thin and paper white. Using 8.4 mm wide tape is ideal for handwritten text. Using the 4.2 mm tape will precisely cover any typed text. So don't worry and feel free to correct yourself. The tape can be written on with any pen and pencil and will not show on photostatic copies.

Correcting the eco-friendly way

To conform to modern eco standards, the tesa® Roller Correction ecoLogo® is made from 100% recycled plastic. The refill unit containing the correction tape consists of 61% recycled plastic. The cardboard packaging is made from 80% recycled fibres and the outer blister is free from PVC.

Simply refill and go on

Being an environmentally friendly and reusable correction roller, the tesa® Roller Correction ecoLogo® is not a one-way product. The cartridge containing the correction tape can be taken off in order to replace it with a new one.